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SEGA Equipment

Project Link

SEGA Equipment is a car equipment retailer that needed a new social presence, PPC campaign, and updated SEO to keep up with their competitors. We are rebranding the SEGA name with creative and relevant content and pushing their products and services with targeted PPC campaigns that are retargeted through Facebook ads.

Fields Covered
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Content Creation

We were able to rebrand SEGA through social media growing their following from 100 to 4,000 followers since October 2018. With daily posted content, we have been able to build a new community around the car lover / gearhead demographic. Next we targeted new keywords to compete with their competitors in order to drive organic traffic paired with a strong PPC campaign. We are now planning a redesign for the Ecommerce store that will drive more conversions and promote their products and services fully while keeping our SEO work intact on a new platform.